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Travel with your pet

Many people want to accompany their pets when traveling ....

Ways of travel for pets

The procedures for approving the travel of pets differ from one country to another, as every country has several requirements and conditions for your pet to enter this country, including obtaining a passport for him and ensuring his health.

Tips when traveling with pets

You may feel exhausted when you bring your pet, but you are ultimately traveling to improve his psyche and psyche, so here are these tips when accompanying your pet while traveling:

1- Make sure of the legal procedures and conditions of the country, for your pet to enter its territory.

2- Be sure to visit the veterinarian before traveling to check on your animal and make sure that it is free of diseases.

3- Book a direct flight, and be careful not to book a transit from one country to another, so that your animal does not wait long, but if you have to and need to make a change of currencies, you can contact one of our offices in your country, we will do this without commission, and we have more than 50 currencies .

4- A situation may happen that you do not want to happen, so be assured of your animal upon arrival at the airport, and if you encounter a problem and need to change currencies, you can withdraw your local currency, and make a currency change without commission through one of our company’s branches. We have more than 50 currencies available.

Financial transactions when pets travel

You can change currencies from one country to another, and if you run out of money transferred, you can withdraw your local currency and change it from one of the exchange offices, without commission, and do not worry, whatever the currency of your local country is, we have more than 50 currencies available

Change coins

Convert Euros

The official currency of the European Union is the euro, and it occupies the second place after the US dollar, in the category of unified official currencies. During those tourist tours in Europe, you can benefit from the euro in 21 countries and four cities.

If you want to make a conversion of Euros into the Saudi riyal or change Euros to the Egyptian pound and convert currencies from the European Union currency to the European Union currency, to explore different tourist tours and visit 8 countries in Europe, your country’s currency can be converted into the euro.

Or you can follow the second way, which is converting a currency from your country to the local currency of European countries, and here are the local currencies of some European countries that are not in the European Union, and their number reaches 28 countries.

As for the third method, if you are in a European country, you can change local currencies in the European Union to the euro. You can change the currencies of 25 countries from the local currency to the euro, and these countries are:

Euro currencies can be changed without commission, and we have more than 50 currencies available, where you can convert local currency from your country to other local currencies in the European Union such as Albanian Lek, Armenian drama, Azerbaijani manat, Belarusian ruble, convertible Bosnia and Herzegovina mark, British pound or British, Bulgarian pound, Croatian kuna, Czech koruna, Danish krone, Georgian ary, Hungarian forint, Icelandic krona, Macedonian dinar, Moldovan leu, Norwegian krone, Polish zloty, Romanian leu, Russian ruble, Serbian dinar, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, Turkish Lira, Turkish Lira, Ukrainian Hryvnia.

Convert dollar currencies

During your tourist tour, you may want to make a process of changing currencies from your local currency to the US dollar. It will help you to change currencies when purchasing food, clothes and other financial transactions within America, and we have 50 currencies available, and currencies are converted without commission.

But in the event that you have a dollar and you want to perform the process of converting dollars into Saudi riyals, here is an easy and simple way to convert currencies from dollars to riyals, by dealing with one of our branches, where we have 50 currencies, and we do that without commission.

We at Sharhan Exchange Company provide various services in the field of banking and currency exchange to make it easier for you, whether you are a traveler or a businessman.

If you are traveling, you can convert your currency into a foreign currency through our company without commission and with more than fifty different currencies. You can also buy currencies online to make the matter easier for you. Upon return, we can buy your surplus currencies and convert them to your main currency.

If you are a businessman, you can be one of our customers and we are happy to manage your financial transactions in terms of currency exchange and other services.

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