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The continent of Europe has many scenic landscapes, many charming cities and distinctive cultural and historical features that make exploring this continent an unparalleling experience. If you want to get away from the crowds of well-known European cities, look for some alternative cities, so we've chosen 10 of the most beautiful European cities to visit in 2019, each with its charming nature, ancient historical monuments and great tourist attractions.


Enjoy the sights of Europe

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City of Dresden, Germany

Germany boasts Dresden, the capital of technology, higher education, and inventions, and Dresden is located in Saxony, also known as “Florence River Albe.” The city combines art, architecture and high scientific standard, and tourists flock to Dresden every year to see its attractions, such as the Church of our Lady, Zwinger Palace, the Semper Uber Opera House, and the city's many universities where cultural and student life flourishes.

Enjoy the delights of Buenos Aires

City of Enspork, Austria

Austria's capital city of the Alps, Ensprock, known as a fine, environmentally friendly city with a breathtaking natural beauty, is located on the banks of the River Aine, one of the most popular cities for photographic enthusiasts, with its center surrounded by open cafes, museums, heritage and cultural attractions. The cable car service allows one to reach within 30 minutes its snow-covered mountains. Innsbruck boasts many fascinating sights and attractions, such as imperial buildings, magnificent lakes and numerous Hiking trails, making it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Enjoy the delights of Buenos Aires

City of Sorrento

Sorrento, with its unrivaled natural landscape, stretches parallel to the Gulf of Naples in southern Italy, is full of hills, deep valleys, mountain and hilltop residential complexes, all alongside the sprawling urban heritage of the Old Town. The city's air is perfumed by the aromas of oranges, lemons and olives, the most cultivated fruit in Sorrento, while its sea view offers spectacular views of this Italian city.

Travel to Europe

The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe. Its estimated total population of about 447 million. The EU has developed an internal single market through a standardized system of laws that apply in all member states in those matters, and only those matters, where members have agreed to act as one. EU policies aim to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services and capital within the internal market, enact legislation in justice and home affairs and maintain common policies on trade, agriculturefisheries and regional development. For travel within the Schengen Area, passport controls have been abolished. A monetary union was established in 1999, coming into full force in 2002, and is composed of 19 EU member states which use the euro currency.

The European Union has established a single market across all its members representing 447 million citizens. In 2020, the EU has a combined GDP of $20 trillion international dollars, a 14% share of global gross domestic product by purchasing power parity (PPP). EU member states own the estimated second largest after the United States  wealth in the world.

Countries of the European union:

19 member states have joined a monetary union known as the eurozone, which uses the Euro as a single currency. The currency union represents 342 million EU citizens. The euro is the second largest reserve currency as well as the second most traded currency in the world after the United States dollar. Which makes it a very powerful currency and it’s important to the trade and study and tourism around the eurozone which contains 19 members.

The eurozone includes: Austria , Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. Some of them are very famous like France, Germany, Italy and Spain. And others are less known like Latvia, which is a spectacular country and worth to be visited by the way.

The Schengen area:

The European Union has the Schengen area.

The Schengen area covers 26 countries “Schengen States” without border controls between them. These countries are mutual between Schengen area and European zone: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain. With currency exchange your current currency to the European euro you will be able to take a tourism tour in Europe in the European countries which is in the euro zone.

Countries to visit in the EU:

France is one of the most famous countries in the whole world not only in Europe or euro zone. It’s the country of romance, eiffel tower and bakery.

You can visit France by applying to a Schengen visa and buy euros by exchanging your currency to euro.   France is one of those amazing countries that is so diverse and vast that you could literally spend months exploring and still not even touch the surface of stunning places to visit in France.

We all know Paris well, we saw photos or hear stories or watch movies about it all the time but France is not all about Paris. As an example you can visit Saint Emilion which  is one of those places to visit in France that just seems to have come out of a fairytale. I mean, it is stunning and a spot you have to explore if you are in the Bordeaux region of France.

Also France is a destination for good education one of the best universities there is Sorbonne University which is a public research university in Paris. It was established in 2018 through the merger of Paris-Sorbonne UniversityPierre and Marie Curie University and a number of smaller institutions.

The university has three faculties: humanities, science and medicine. Law is taught by Panthéon-Assas University (Paris 2).

Sorbonne has a number of campuses across Paris, as well as a satellite campus in Abu Dhabi.

The university is home to eight notable scientific collections open to researchers. Some of the collections are also open to the public, such as the minerals, paleontology and zoology collections.

Germany also is a well known and powerful European country in the euro zone. You may know on or two who study or work in Germany and anyone who travels to Europe tour should visit Germany. The currency in Germany in the European euro which you can get by buying currency online or offline throw our company.

One of Europe’s largest countries, Germany encompasses a wide variety of landscapes: the tall, sheer mountains of the south; the sandy, rolling plains of the north; the forested hills of the urbanized west; and the plains of the agricultural east. At the spiritual heart of the country is the magnificent east-central city of Berlin, which rose phoenixlike from the ashes of World War II and now, after decades of partition, is the capital of a reunified Germany, and the Rhine River, which flows northward from Switzerland and is celebrated in visual art, literature, folklore, and song. Along its banks and those of its principal tributaries—among them the NeckarMainMoselle, and Ruhr—stand hundreds of medieval castles, churches, picturesque villages, market towns, and centers of learning and culture, including Heidelberg, the site of one of Europe’s oldest universities (founded in 1386), and Mainz, historically one of Europe’s most important publishing centers. All are centerpieces of Germany’s thriving tourist economy, which brings millions of visitors to the country each year, drawn by its natural beauty, history, culture, and cuisine (including its renowned wines and beers).

Spain is one of the most beautiful and romantic countries in the world not only in . the European union. You can visit it during your tour and exchange your currency throw our company. There is a lot to see in Spain between the country it self and the events which happen in it like carnivals and festivals. There is a unique and beautiful culture in Spain worth to be seen.


Euro (E): The official currency in circulation in 19 of the 28 European Union countries and the official currency in six other countries is not members of the European Union. The euro is 100 cents, and the ISO code is 4217 is used to refer to the euro in EUR, the largest paper category currently being 500 euros. EUR
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