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Euro (E): The official currency in circulation in 19 of the 28 European Union countries as well as six other countries; it is indicated in the letters GBP.

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British pound

Sterling (£): The currency currently in use in the UK, the pound is 100 pounds as indicated in the letters GBP.

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Philippine Peso

Philippine Peso ((*): The current official currency in the Philippines. The peso consists of 100 centavos or centimos and is marked with PHP characters.

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UAE Dirham

UAE Dirham(£): The official currency currently in circulation in the United Arab Emirates, the dirham consists of 100 fils and is marked with the letters AED.

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Egyptian pound

Egyptian pound (£): The official currency currently in circulation in Egypt, the pound is divided into 100 sharks, and it is marked with EGP characters.

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US Dollar

US dollar ($): The official currency currently in circulation in the United States of America, the dollar is divided into 100 cents, and the letters USD.

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Selling and buying currencies

You may need foreign currencies for many reasons, including travel or trade, import and export transactions, All the foreign currency you need is available through Sharhan Exchange at any time and we will provide you with no Commission of more than 50 foreign currencies to be as easy and fast as you want with our company services. We also offer an online currency Booking service.

If you are returning from your vacation and have some foreign currency money left with you, we can buy it from you and transfer it to you for your main currency to use in your daily life.

When you return from traveling with the rest of the money you can save for your next trip or make Transfer it directly or transfer it when you get the highest price from us.

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At Sharhan Exchange, we offer various banking and currency exchange services to make it easier for you, whether you are a business or a business person.

If you are traveling, you can transfer your currency to a foreign currency through our company without a Commission, with more than 50 different currencies and you can also purchase Online currencies make it easier for you. On return we can buy your surplus currencies and convert them into your main currency.

If you are a business person, you can be one of our customers and be happy to manage your physical transactions in terms of currency exchange and other services.